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John -> Tran Thai Hoa - Bao Gio Biet Tuong Tu PICTURES AND THOUGHTS (11/1/2007 7:09:39 PM)

01. Bao Giờ Biết Tương Tư (Phạm Duy, Ngọc Chánh)
02. Một Mình (Lam Phương)
03. Ta (Thơ: Phạm Ngọc, Nhạc: Quốc Dũng)
04. Rưng Rưng Lệ (Vũ Thành An)
05. Khoảng Cách (Quốc Dũng) - STUDIO VERSION
06. Lá Rơi Bên Thềm (Lê Trọng Nguyễn, Nguyễn Hiền)
07. Nắng Hạ (Nguyễn Trung Cang)
08. Dạ Khúc Cuối (Hoàng Thanh Tâm)
09. Tình Rơi (Hồ Đăng Long)
10. Trở Về Bến Mơ (Ngọc Bích)
11. Cuối Cùng Cho Một Tình Yêu (Thơ: Trịnh Cung, Nhạc Trịnh Công Sơn)
12. Hương Mộc Lan (Nhạc: Hoàng Trọng, Lời: Lan Đinh, Hương Giang)
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On August 2, 2001, Thuy Nga proudly released PARIS BY NIGHT 60 - “That Tinh” marking the 2nd of their ever popular song ca videos. Emerging from the stage was a fresh face making his Paris By Night debut with Truc Quynh with Duc Huy’s romantic ballad “Xin Mot Ngay Mai Co Nhau.” That seemingly shy young man was Tran Thai Hoa. Although he may not have immediately grabbed the audience’s attention, he did make an impression with his reserved nature, charming good looks, and resonant deep vocals. He would garner more support and admiration for his inspiring vocals of Pham Duy’s “Duong Em Di,” his first solo performance on Paris By Night 61. In the winter of 2001, Thuy Nga released Paris By Night 62 - “Am Nhac Khong Bien Gioi” and if you hadn’t noticed Tran Thai Hoa before, everything changed after this DVD. He won over the audience with his incredible rendition of Hoang Quy’s classic “Co Lang Gieng.” The new jazzy arrangement combined with Tran Thai Hoa’s deep vocals and meticulous emotions brought something new to this well-known song. Ever since then, Tran Thai Hoa has been a staple on the Paris By Night stage. Although he may not have the most extravagant and elaborate performances, for Tran Thai Hoa, the music and the lyrics of the song have always taken center stage. He is able to convey the emotions expressed by each song, he narrates the stories, he takes on the role and viewpoint of the characters from within each song, and he takes the audience on a journey of happiness, love, and despair. He has an uncanny ability to bring the words on the pages to life. He has time and time again proven his resiliency and consistency as a singer and performer. 

Tran Thai Hoa’s collaboration with Thuy Nga has also been an important milestone, because through their efforts, they have been able to reintroduce to the younger audiences the classic and foundational songs of the Vietnamese music library. Every new generation needs someone to carry on the torch of Vietnamese music, and Tran Thai Hoa is definitely one of the torch bearers for this generation. He has brought to life classics such as “Co Lang Gieng,” “Ao Anh Sut Chi Duong Ta,” “Co Bao Gio Em Hoi,” “Dem Dong,” “Ha Trang,” and many others. In the past 6 years, Tran Thai Hoa has proudly released 5 solo CDs (Co Lang Gieng, Coi Vang, Dem Dong, Tinh Khuc Le Uyen Phuong, Nhung Tinh Khuc Chon Loc), 1 duet CD (Khac Khoai-Buon Tan Thu with Ngoc Ha)  along with many other collaborated compilation CDs. With over 100 recordings for Thuy Nga in the past 6 years, Tran Thai Hoa has definitely made an imprint on everyone’s heart.  

This week, Thuy Nga releases Tran Thai Hoa’s 6th solo album “Bao Gio Biet Tuong Tu.”  The album contains 12 very reflective and intimate songs. You can tell that the song selection for this album was chosen very meticulously and carefully. All the songs show off Tran Thai Hoa’s amazing vocals and showcases his incredible ability to inject emotions and passion in his voice. It is no secret that Tran Thai Hoa’s songs are not as main stream, perhaps some would call it very selective. However, if you take the time and carefully listen to his vocals, diction, and phrasing, you will get chills running up your spine. I listened to this album first while I was driving home tonight and then again while sitting in a secluded room, closed my eyes and allowed my mind to drift in the path of the song. There’s just something about his voice that’s able to transport your soul, something that makes your heart skip a beat, and something that makes you feel a bit more despair.  I can honestly say that Tran Thai Hoa’s “Mot Minh” (Lam Phuong) is one of my favorite versions ever. In fact, I shed a tear listening to it. The lyrics and music to that song are spectacular in its own right, but adding on Tran Thai Hoa’s soothing vocals of narration, and you feel that such a definite sense of loneliness. Through this CD, Tran Thai Hoa has brought new life and character into some of Vietnamese music's most classic pieces including "Rung Rung Le," or "Cuoi Cung Cho Mot Tinh Yeu." If you've ever wondered what a beautiful painting would sound like, you have to listen to Tran Thai Hoa's stunning poetic and lyrical delivery of Ngoc Bich's "Tro Ve Ben Mo."
You will be uplifted by the the message of Nguyen Trung Cang's "Nang Ha." As I was listening, I was so moved by the song and inspiration of the words. Nguyen Trung Cang's music always carries a message of hope for the future, and triumph through adversity; this song is no exception. Pay close attention to the lyrics of the song and allow Tran Thai Hoa to unravel and awaken your soul.
The ending track in this album is "Huong Moc Lan." I love the inclusion of the traditional instruments as the melody of this song has a Chinese-esqe quality to it. This will be a pleasant surprise for Tran Thai Hoa's fans. If you've never experienced Tran Thai Hoa's story telling ability through music, you must listen to this song. Listen to his ability to retell this love story and feel the undeniable romanticism and passion in his voice.

This CD has been longly awaited by many fans and I’m so happy to say that it doesn’t disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed this CD immensely and it ranks up there as one of my favorite Tran Thai Hoa CDs.  As we celebrate the release of this CD, I think we should also mention that in a few weeks when PBN 90 is released, it will also mark Tran Thai Hoa’s 30th appearance on Thuy Nga. That is something definitely worth noting and something that should be acknowledged. Not many singers can claim this great honor. Just for fun...let’s travel back in time and revisit Tran Thai Hoa’s Paris By Night performances. Congratulations Anh Hoa for another great CD, and thank you for making the music world better and more diverse these past 6 years. We all wish you the best as you continue down your musical journey. 

PBN 60 - Xin Mot Ngay Mai Co Nhau (with Truc Quynh)
PBN 61 - Duong Em Di
PBN 62 - Co Lang Gieng
PBN 63 - Co Bao Gio Em Hoi
PBN 64 - Nhat Nhoa
PBN 65 - Khac Khoai
PBN 66 - Noi Dau Tu Day
PBN 67 - Ao Anh Sut Chi Duong Ta
PBN 68 - Coi Vang
PBN 69 - Xoa Het No Nan (group), Tra Lai Em Yeu (with Loan Chau)
PBN 70 - Roi Mai Toi Dua Em
PBN 71 - Thuo Ay Co Em
PBN 72 - Dem Dong
PBN 73 - Tro Ve Mai Nha Xua (with Ngoc Ha)
PBN 74 - Em Gang Cho, Hoa Buom Ngay Xua (with Nhu Quynh), Bung Sang (with The Son, Chi Tai)
PBN 75 - Toi Di Giua Hoang Hon
PBN 76 - Xuan Tha Huong
PBN 77 - Xin Doi Mot Nu Cuoi (with Khanh Ly, The Son), Biet Bao Gio Tro Lai, Loi Cam On (Hop Ca)
PBN 78 - Paris Va Em
PBN 79 - Toc Mai Soi Van Soi Dai (with Ngoc Ha), Neu Khong Co Em Ben Doi (with Nhu Loan)
PBN 80 - Nho Mot Chieu Xuan
PBN 81 - If You Go Away
PBN 82 - Tinh Roi
PBN 83 - Cho Mot Kiep Mai, Ve Duoi Mai Nha (with The Son, Quang Le)
PBN 84 - Niem Khuc Cuoi (with Thanh Ha)
PBN 85 - Xuan Nghe Si Hanh Khuc (Group), Ben Xuan (with Khanh Ly), Xuan Trong Rung Tham (with The Son, Tien Dung)
PBN 86 - Khoang Cach
PBN 88 - Doan Nguoi Lu Thu (group), LK Tram Nho Ngan Thuong & Tinh Bo Vo (with Ngoc Lien)
PBN 89 - Ha Trang
PBN 90 - Co Hang Nuoc

BichNhu -> RE: Tran Thai Hoa - Bao Gio Biet Tuong Tu PICTURES AND THOUGHTS (11/1/2007 8:29:29 PM)

Thanks so much John for the CD pictures and that very reflective and meaningful "article" you wrote on anh TTH. Thanks for pointing out anh TTH's achievements, and sharing with us your thoughts!  Anh TTH indeed deserves acknowledgement and appreciation for what he has brought to the Vietnamese music industry, and especially for the aspect of music which he works so hard to preserve, so that young generations like myself and many others will have a chance to enjoy the songs which once touched the hearts of so many of our elders! 

PS. The CD pictures looks hot!! What a great set of photos!!

jackyle -> RE: Tran Thai Hoa - Bao Gio Biet Tuong Tu PICTURES AND THOUGHTS (11/1/2007 8:40:28 PM)

another beautiful CD ! [;)]

Blue -> RE: Tran Thai Hoa - Bao Gio Biet Tuong Tu PICTURES AND THOUGHTS (11/2/2007 1:14:20 AM)

Thanks John for sharing your THOUGHTS about this great cd by TTH. I love his voice. He is Michael Bublé of Vietnam

mike_n_ike -> RE: Tran Thai Hoa - Bao Gio Biet Tuong Tu PICTURES AND THOUGHTS (11/2/2007 5:11:28 AM)

I like this playlist. Probably will get it tonight after school. Hopefully, it's a good release. I wasn't satisfied with the Le Uyen Phuong CD and I still haven't gotten the last CD. Can't wait to hear a more professional version of Mot Minh and a studio version of Khoang Cach (although the live one was great as well). Not sure if I'm ready to hear Tro Ve Ben Mo again so soon, though.

white_snake -> RE: Tran Thai Hoa - Bao Gio Biet Tuong Tu PICTURES AND THOUGHTS (11/2/2007 10:25:47 AM)

What a beautiful booklet!!! ^^

ban_toi -> RE: Tran Thai Hoa - Bao Gio Biet Tuong Tu PICTURES AND THOUGHTS (11/3/2007 2:49:34 AM)

hình ảnh đẹp wá

princessLC -> RE: Tran Thai Hoa - Bao Gio Biet Tuong Tu PICTURES AND THOUGHTS (11/3/2007 11:18:53 PM)

I think I'm in loveee...haha. He looks so hottttt in those pics and and and his song choices are very good. I like old-school hehe.

charlene -> RE: Tran Thai Hoa - Bao Gio Biet Tuong Tu PICTURES AND THOUGHTS (11/4/2007 5:23:33 AM)

may tam hinh TTH mac ao khoac den nhin ko dung voi phong cach von co cua TTH lam,dza co the la ko duoc phu hop voi the loai nhac ma a.Hoa trinh bay nua[;)]

ThaoVan -> RE: Tran Thai Hoa - Bao Gio Biet Tuong Tu PICTURES AND THOUGHTS (11/5/2007 11:03:33 AM)

Thanks alot, John!!! I enjoy reading your short review of the album and also a recap of anh TTH's achievement on PBN stage from the beginning of his singing career. As one of his fans, I really appreciate every effort he put into every single CD and every PBN performance to bring us fans closer to the beauty of Viet music. Haven't got my hands on this CD just yet, but as far as knowing the songlist, I think it has a good song selection. Even though I don't like the last two pictures in the booklet (in the order John has posted), I think his style in these photos pretty matches with the songlist, which is composed of many easy-listening songs (compare to songs more into thinh phong type like before).

Anyway, congratulations to anh TTH!!! [:)]

mizzpham -> RE: Tran Thai Hoa - Bao Gio Biet Tuong Tu PICTURES AND THOUGHTS (11/5/2007 2:30:09 PM)


gar -> RE: Tran Thai Hoa - Bao Gio Biet Tuong Tu PICTURES AND THOUGHTS (11/5/2007 5:47:41 PM)

I really enjoy this CD, some songs more than others, but overall it's another great CD from him. Actually, I don't think he was involved in putting this CD together.

Dong Phuong -> RE: Tran Thai Hoa - Bao Gio Biet Tuong Tu PICTURES AND THOUGHTS (11/8/2007 4:59:47 PM)

I have listened to this CD a few times, and I really enjoy it so far.  There are some songs that I like more than the others, but overall, the songs selection is very good.  Anh Trần Thái Hòa, as usual, has done a great job in this CD, and Đức Trí did a great job with his arrangements for the first 6 songs as well.  I specially like "Bao Giờ Biết Tương Tư", "Một Mình", "Rưng Rưng Lệ", "Dạ Khúc Cuối", "Trở Về Bến Mơ", "Cuối Cùng Cho Một Tình Yêu" and "Hương Mộc Lan" (this song sounds very interesting with đàn cò).  "Ta", "Lá Rơi Bên Thềm", "Nắng Hạ" are good also, but I need to listen to these songs more to judge.  "Khoảng Cách" is okay (song-wise), arrangement is similar from the one in PBN86, but definitely a studio version.  Anh TTH sounds better in this version, since the live version sounded a bit rushed.  "Tình Rơi", I really like the melody, but the lyrics don't sound too good, though I do like some lines.  Will probably be back with a more detailed reviews.

As for the booklet, I like the style and design, BUT I don't like the blurry pix under the CD, and the one on the back cover.  Other than that, this is a highly recommended CD for any Trần Thái Hòa fans or fans of this type of music. 

gar -> RE: Tran Thai Hoa - Bao Gio Biet Tuong Tu PICTURES AND THOUGHTS (11/12/2007 8:03:27 PM)

I think Nang Ha is my fav, it's nostalgic for me somehow.  I also like Le Roi Ben Them and Tro Ve Ben Mo.  Mot Minh is too bland.  After listening to Y Lan, I don't think I can care for anyone else's take of the song.  Still better than Huong Giang though, who butchered the song into a million pieces.  Mot Minh is supposed to be a very, very depressing song, and I'm not depressed after listening to them.

Thanh Binh -> RE: Tran Thai Hoa - Bao Gio Biet Tuong Tu PICTURES AND THOUGHTS (11/16/2007 8:01:04 PM)

Tran Tha Hoa is one of a few sings wth good voice.

CHACHACHA -> RE: Tran Thai Hoa - Bao Gio Biet Tuong Tu PICTURES AND THOUGHTS (11/16/2007 10:43:09 PM)

Chà, phải mua mới được. Bên phía nam của PBN thích nhất là Trần Thái Hoà. Giọng hát rất ấm áp và truyền cảm.

Quynh Tram -> RE: Tran Thai Hoa - Bao Gio Biet Tuong Tu PICTURES AND THOUGHTS (11/17/2007 8:17:26 AM)

Thank John so much.The CD pictures look so beautiful. Tran Thai Hoa is so handsome. He's a perfect singer in TN.
Trong CD " Bao gio cho biet tuong tu", chu Hoa hat rat tuyet. Trong do co le dang chu y nhat la nhac pham " Bao gio cho biet tuong tu"-bai hat da tung duoc nam ca sy Duy Quang trinh bay va rat thanh cong. Trong Cd nay , chu Hoa da the hien bai nhac nay mot rat xuat sac, theo phong cach rieng cua chu, no khong chiu anh huong cua bat cu ai. Day la dieu tuyet voi nhat trong cach trinh bay nhac pham va phong cach hat cua chu. Chu the hien ban nhac theo feelings cua minh, do la mot phong cach rat rieng, rat dac biet mang ten "Tran Thai Hoa".
Tiep do la nhac pham "Mot Minh" - da tung duoc ca sy Huong Giang  trinh bay trong PBN 88. Voi chat giong thien phu cua minh, loi hat tu nhien , chu Hoa duong nhu da goi den nguoi gan nhu toan bo emotions cua nhac sy Lam Phuong. Qua giong hat am ap cua chu, ta co the cam nhan duoc su co don trong tam hon nhac sy Lam Phuong. Chu Hoa trnh bay nhac pham nay hay hon chi hUong Giang rat rat nhieu[:D].

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