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Lind@ -> Paris By Night 91 - Highly Recommended (3/28/2008 1:05:26 AM)

Paris By Night 91
Huế Sàigòn Hànội
Paris By Night 91, the show to begin the year. Thuynga remained in the shoes of vibrance. Like Paris By Night 90, Paris By Night 91 was a little similar. Paris By Night 91 starts the year with one of the most best shows that Thuynga has ever produced to my opinion. Thuynga exceeded their standard and blew me away. The stage presence, the singers, the costumes, the dancers, the features. I assure you that you will not be disappointed. You will be impressed. If you truly loved Paris By Night 90 or the music of Vietnam. You will love this DVD. This installment of Paris By Night shows Thuynga's potential. How professional they are, how much they improve. Thuynga is the best vietnamese music production also to my opinion. Everything Thuynga displays, everything Thuynga has presented in Paris By Night 91. Thuynga has stuck to theme, the costumes are so effective and colourful. The singers and dancers light up the stage with music, voice and dance.
Every singer in this DVD has participated in this DVD and have made the DVD what it is. Pure excellence. The cover shows what the show will be like. You will be exploring the roots of Vietnam, learning about past history as well as the famous culture you already know and love. This DVD to my critiquing is the best DVD I've seen by Thuynga. Mainly because of how effective Thuynga presented and stuck to their theme. The singers' exceeding voices in vietnamese music as we know. The amazing blending backdrops and props. The effective costumes. The stage. The MCs. The Dancers. I assure you, together they have made me title them as 'perfection' because of this DVD. Although people might not have the same tastes but I am only recommending something that is just incredible to my tastes. Buy this DVD, and you'll know my definitions of the so called word 'perfection'.
Enjoy Paris By Night 91.

christophe -> RE: Paris By Night 91 - Highly Recommended (3/28/2008 2:16:37 AM)

Yes, Thuy Nga has truly outdone this time, by producing two BIG and EXCELLENT shows in a row. Usually the first show of the year is not a big and excellent one, compared with the previous show released for Christmas. But PBN 90 and 91 have showed the strengh of Thuy Nga Productions, even in a time when the Vietnamese music industry oversea is suffering badly because of piracy.

PBN 90 and 91 have put a new standard for the Vietnamese show business, both in and outside Vietnam.


vision -> RE: Paris By Night 91 - Highly Recommended (3/28/2008 2:10:30 PM)

I was fortunated to attend both shows at Long Beach Terrace Theater, and still love to watch the DVD's many times with my family. Please support TTTN and others by buying their original products.  

ersboom99 -> RE: Paris By Night 91 - Highly Recommended (3/28/2008 7:06:18 PM)

One word, FANTASTIC!

The DVD gets better and better.. there were so many great performances. Con Duong Cai Quan was very creative and definately one of the memorable moments of this DVD. The Nhac Kich was very moving and I could not help but feel sad for the many people that were killed in the attack. Quang Le and Khanh Ly's performance was great and I LOVED both of the performances. LK Dem Do Thi-Saigon, and Toi Yeu were also beautiful performances, along with Giong An Giang by Quynh Vi and Nguyet Anh was so good! The blueish, green cloths used were beautiful, and Nguyet Anh is a very pretty singer and I am looking forward to seeing her in future performances. Mai Thien Van has truly blown me away in her performances, from Con Duong Cai Quan: Qua Mien Trung, then Vong Co, and then Tieng Song Huong, one of my MANY favvorite performances from this DVD.

I completely recommend this DVD to anyone.

Nguyen567 -> RE: Paris By Night 91 - Highly Recommended (3/28/2008 10:09:36 PM)

Thank you Lind@ for writing that short review! I cannot wait till i grab my own copy this weekend...


LuvUalways -> RE: Paris By Night 91 - Highly Recommended (3/28/2008 11:20:44 PM)

I thought the best meaningful performance is Nhac Kich Hue Mau Than

jason_tran -> RE: Paris By Night 91 - Highly Recommended (3/28/2008 11:50:53 PM)

love PBN 91 so much.

ManhLeQuan -> RE: Paris By Night 91 - Highly Recommended (3/29/2008 3:34:03 AM)


ORIGINAL: LuvUalways

I thought the best meaningful performance is Nhac Kich Hue Mau Than


lisanguyen -> RE: Paris By Night 91 - Highly Recommended (3/29/2008 1:59:30 PM)

Me too, I highly recommend it!
This is pretty much the most outstanding Paris By Night, this is a very good DVD!

kitty2007 -> RE: Paris By Night 91 - Highly Recommended (3/29/2008 3:57:25 PM)

Think PBN 91 is great but I like 90 more...don;t know why....I only enjoy Hue and Sai Gon part....

loc_nguyen -> RE: Paris By Night 91 - Highly Recommended (3/30/2008 2:40:38 AM)

PBN 91 is very good. Coi đi coi lại nhiều lần rồi mà vẫn không thấy chán. Thúy Nga thật sự là the best trung tâm.

Kevin2 -> RE: Paris By Night 91 - Highly Recommended (3/30/2008 8:30:39 AM)

One word: EXCELLENCE!!!!
I can't agree with everyone in  here more! Thuy Nga had once out done themselves again!!!!

PrettyWomanPHD -> RE: Paris By Night 91 - Highly Recommended (3/30/2008 9:42:11 AM)

Another word? PERFECT .............. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME [:D][:D]
I love Yeu Nhau Tren Duong Ve by Quynh Dung and Duy Truong.


yunatheart -> RE: Paris By Night 91 - Highly Recommended (3/30/2008 3:27:12 PM)

I just bought a copy on Saturday- I love it so much & it was worth the wait. I would highly recommend it to everyone. Just call my family and make sure everyone buy the ORIGINAL copy as well to support PBN. I really appreciate the effort in PBN production for always trying to improve, redefine, and set new standards in the entertainment industry. As a fan of music and movies I think that is the least i could do to thank them and support the new and experienced artists.

As I watch and follow the journey through VN in PBN 91, it captured my heart with a mixture of moments that are so beautiful, unforgetable, funny, and tearful as well. And that's more than what I was expected.

by the way, ca si Mai Thien Van was so candid, amazing in her short interview & the solo performance. Keep up the great work b/c chu Nguyen Ngoc Ngan is right about the Vietnamese audience, " nhung nguoi yeu nghe thuat thi chi thich cai gi ben bi ma thoi chu khong xem trong nhieu ve hinh dang ben ngoai." 

My favorites are :
Ha noi ngay tro ve, Em oi ha noi pho, Bao gio em quen, Tieng song huong, Quen nhau tren duong ve, nhac kich Hue mau than, hai kich " chung mot mai nha", Dem do thi & saigon lk, Buoc chan chieu chu nhat & dem lang thang,  Giong an giang,  Tinh tu que huong, & toi yeu.

Bao Nguyen -> RE: Paris By Night 91 - Highly Recommended (3/30/2008 9:49:51 PM)

I love PBN 91 so much. Thuy Nga, you are the best music production.

Lind@ -> RE: Paris By Night 91 - Highly Recommended (3/30/2008 11:05:00 PM)


Tuyết_Anh -> RE: Paris By Night 91 - Highly Recommended (4/1/2008 12:19:02 AM)

PBN 91 kỳ này Thúy Nga dàn dựng chương trình quá hay nhất là phần nhạc kịch Huế Mậu Thân.

Nguyen567 -> RE: Paris By Night 91 - Highly Recommended (4/1/2008 11:30:41 AM)

I really loved this Paris By Night and proud to have an ORIGINAL copy of it. I am very proud of Thuy Nga for having such a wonderful and meaning show. Man I was glued to the TV for 4 hours. But my most favorite part of it was the Nhac Kich Hue Than Mau. Beautiful! Every singers had shined on their own ways. But I must say the only complaint I have with this DVD was how they included/added the clapping between/in the middle of almost every songs. It doesnt appeal to me. Cause when I am listening to the music I would really love to actually listen to the music. The clapping somewhat kills the mood. Like its ok to include it in some og the songs...but when "overdoing" it kind of bothered me. But its something I will get over.


musicsfan -> RE: Paris By Night 91 - Highly Recommended (4/1/2008 7:35:26 PM)

PBN91 ky nay qua hay.  The best of any DVD I have ever watched.  Khong co cho nao che ca.  Asia the last few DVD bested PBN but the last two PBN90 and 91, TN regains the lead.  Competion, the boasting right, brings out the best of both them and benefits the audience greatly.  (This is the first time I watched any DVD again on the same day.)

christophe -> RE: Paris By Night 91 - Highly Recommended (4/1/2008 11:30:54 PM)

It's great to see here many Asia's fans who enjoy watching PBN 91 [:)] I also notice that many young Vietnameses raised oversea love this DVD. They said how much they got to know and love more about Vietnam and Vietnamese culture. To me, that is the biggest success of PBN 91, to draw attention from the young audience and bring them back to their roots. Surprisingly, also the fans living in Vietnam have found more beautiful sides of Vietnam after watching this DVD.

Musicfan is right, we need both Thuy Nga and Asia, it's competition for benefit of the audience. I never understand people who praise one production and want another going bankrupt. We need them both in this competition to give us the best of them. More than that they both represent the heart and soul of Vietnamese culture oversea, of which we here are a part.

Saying that I feel very sad to see there's still many haters when visiting the Rangdong's websites:

Let people hear you voices, Thuy Nga's fans! [;)]

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