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Paris By Night 84: My FIRST Live Experience... - 7/4/2006 1:17:02 PM   
Ai Quoc


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First off, may I say that to those of you who already posted a review...WOW!  Such details!  How did you remember so much?!  Maybe it's because I was sitting in the balcony and not down on the floor that I wasn't able to pick up on so many of the details!  MAN!  You guys know the order of who came out first, details of clothing, etc. :)  GOOD JOB!  Alright, hopefully my review will give yet a different perspective as I have a lot to say and I'm going to include some details of my ended on a sour note [more on that later] but for Thuy Nga...ANYTHING ;)

The Trip: So I ended up waking up around 11am on Saturday and packed and drove my car [my ex came along] and we were driving from Miami to Atlanta which is about 10 hours give or take.  We were lucky to stay at my friend's house who I went to undergrad with so that helped save a little money.

Wasting Time: So Sunday came and I have been to Atlanta before and I knew that Buford Hwy had a lot of Vietnamese restuarants so I knew I had to take advantage of that!  So I ended up going to Pho Bac in the Hoa Binh was PACKED!  I got my Pho and my mango boba and then went to walk around a little with my ex to show him how Vietnamese shopping centers are like...haha...nothing too exciting other than nguoi nam screaming their lungs off ;)

The Show: We arrived there pretty early actually which was good because parking became hectic only 10 minutes after we parked!  From the outside the theater didn't look all that but once inside, it was really really nice!  I thought it was funny how they checked women's purses for cameras but not guys' pockets haha!  We were in section 5 of the Loge which wasn't too bad because we were in the very first row...however there were wires and railings so it sort of blocked my view of the actual performance but I was able to see the two big screens really nicely.  When we walked in they were playing PBN 82 on the screens at that point and it was Ngoc Lien’s performance.  Eventually the stage manager came out to do some pretapings of clapping [which I thought was weird because throughout the show you could pretty much see the cameras walking around and showing the clapping LIVE on the big screens…who knows…].  He was trying to be funny but I’m sure half the crowd couldn’t even understand him and his jokes made the time fly by.  Finally around 7:45, this lady announced that the show will start in 2 minutes…1 minute…and then BAM!  The lights die down and the music begins and the stage was just absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

01] Bao Han, Nhu Loan – Se Khong Quen Nguoi: WOW, the stage itself like I said was just amazing and Nhu Loan and Bao Han came from the aisles [just as the stage manager said they would] and they were just stunning!  Bao Han was in yellow and Nhu Loan was in purple if I can recall correctly.  The song was not too upbeat but more of a mellow pop song but obviously appropriate for an opener!  Fans will REALLY love the fact that these two opened J

02] Loan Chau, Ngoc Lien – Ngan Thu Ao Tim: They both looked SO beautiful!  I loved the song too, a slow song where they basically just stood in the center.  In the back screen there were these flowers that just kept appearing [hard to explain]…very similar to the flowers in the screens from PBN 78 but more of them!  The purple lit stage just went perfect with the theme of the song and the lights would change from purple to white and back and fade in and out, etc. PBN really knows how to coordinate those minor details!  One thing I thought was just slightly awkward was that those two standing next to each other so close and Loan Chau was much taller compared to Ngoc Lien…just my two cents…
03] The Son, Thanh Truc – Mot Doi Tan Vo: Alright, so I’m not crazy about Thanh Truc [although I was back in my Asia days…] but I felt that she did a great job with The Son, she looked beautiful in an aqua colored dress, The Son in a suit.  The song was just beautiful and these two had a chemistry right off the bat.  Now for me, it was just a little awkward because I am still in shock that Thanh Truc was on PBN!  I mean, I think she is really deserving to be on PBN but it was just something new for me…her stage presence was much better than on Asia, she felt REALLY comfortable.  After the number, they walked back stage with Ky Duyen waiting for them and they were just talking about how The Son felt to be performing with such beautiful women hehe…Thanh Truc was happy to be on PBN and said she hoped she would be in more shows to come [me too!].  A side note on the new interviews from back stage…I thought it was really nice and while recently we noticed changes in PBNs introductions [Ky Duyen coming out from the side and introducing the songs or standing on the sides while the performers exited left/right and she would say thank you to them, etc.] I thought this was yet another step for PBN to set themselves from the other productions.  This was very similar to the MTV movie/music video awards where they would have people interviewed backstage after a win, etc.

04] Nhu Quynh, Quang Le – Ao Hoa: Glad to see these two duet together on stage!  Nhu Quynh was in an orange ao dai, Quang Le in a brown one.  They started off vong co and then transitioned into song.  Very very nice and their voices blended together very well!

After this the camera is backstage showing Ky Duyen and Kieu Oanh and Kieu Oanh is trying to become an MC and begging Ky Duyen to give her a chance.  Ky Duyen tells her all this BS of the life of an MC while Kieu Oanh convinces here that she can do it…eventually, Kieu Oanh ends up locking Ky Duyen in her dressing room and then finds her way on stage after a VERY fast dress change…she was absolutely HILARIOUS!

05] Huynh Gia Tuan – Girl: Honestly, when NNN introduced this song and I was trying to write down the title, I had NO clue what he was saying!  Finally after hearing the song, I knew what he meant haha…the song was really upbeat, almost a techno sounding hip hopish song.  He was wearing a white blazer with a shirt underneath and all the dancers did an amazing job as always.  I was glad to hear him sing in Vietnamese with like only 3 or 4 English words here and there [ie. GIRL!] Hope to see more of him!

06] Hoanh Oanh, Phuong Dung – Ve Dau Mai Toc Nguoi Thuong: While Hoanh Oanh is not really my style, I really enjoyed this performance and my ex said that he thought it was a really beautiful song.  In the back screen there are images of the two from when they were younger which was nice.  Can’t wait to hear this one again on the DVD!

07] Huong Lan, Be Xuan Mai – Hai Sac Hoa Mot Noi Niem: Just from the stage setup [which was similar to that of Be Xuan Mai and Manh Quynh from PBN 81] I KNEW it was going to be her!  Be Xuan Mai is on stage first singing in this white puffy dress and her hair is in a pony tail and then Huong Lan comes out and they talk about the color of their flowers and what it means and why Huong Lan’s flower is white…which is when she starts going into her tan co and then of course, the both of them cry…I was expecting that ;)

08] Huong Thuy, Nhu Quynh, Ngoc Lien, Tu Quyen, Minh Tuyet, Ha Phuong, Thanh Truc, Loan Chau - Sao Em No Voi Lay Chong: I REALLY enjoyed this number because the colors were so VIBRANT!  A lot of reds and purples and the setup with the umbrellas reminded me a little of Bao Han and Loan Chau’s performance from PBN 79.  The singers came out in fours and then eventually ended up together.  I always notice how Nhu Quynh and Loan Chau are always paired up eventually and then also Ha Phuong and Minh Tuyet were paired up together too which I thought was nice.  I do know Ha Phuong is on Asia from time to time but not sure if this is her first time or not on PBN.  I’m not really crazy about her voice…more on that later…

- I think it was after this song that they introduced Nhu Quynh’s brother backstage and then Nhu Quynh walked up to them during the interview and they were talking about his designs and Nhu Quynh was talking about how it was so nice to have him as a brother, I thought it was cute J
09] Khanh Ha, Y Lan – Nghin Trung Xa Cach: WOW WOW WOW!  LOVE Y LAN, LOVE KHANH HA!  I was SOOOO happy to see these two divas together and they looked absolutely AMAZING!  Khanh Ha’s hair was BIG and Y Lan’s was very simple and combed back somehow…their ao dai’s seemed matching, I could not pick up on the details but the outfits looked awesome on their HOT bodies for women of their age!  Beautiful slow ballad and their voices went together so well!  SO happy to see them song ca!

- After this they introduced Michelle Ngo who does fashions in Los Angeles think...

10] Tran Thai Hoa, Thanh Ha – Niem Khuc Cuoi: LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONG from back in the day!  I was a little partial since it was SORT of a repeat from a Lien Khuc in PBN 66 but oh well...Thanh Ha’s hair was completely brunette with no hint of blonde highlights that we are sometimes used to.  They sung beautifully together and I was just happy to see Thanh Ha back.  At the end, they thanked the audience and Thanh Ha shouted “I LOVE YOU ALL” SO loud that Kieu Oanh sort of jerked back as if someone punched her in the face…and she mentioned why Thanh Ha had to shout so loud haha…

11] Nguyen Hung, Ho Le Thu – Nho Em Dem Nay: The song started off with the James Bond theme song…I think…that or Mission Impossible.  Nguyen Hung was down on the stage while Ho Le Thu was up on the stage prop holding on two some white fabrics from the top…I thought she was going to be carried down by those to the stage itself but she ended up walking….was it me or did anyone notice how…um…big…her um…yea…they looked HUGE!  All in all, a great dance number, glad to see these two together on stage.

Next they introduced Chloe from Project Runway, I actually went to go to the bathroom and get some alcohol [hehe] so I missed her little video intro but I did get to see the fashion show itself and did anyone notice how one girl was walking REALLY awkwardly?!   She was walking super slow and then her head was bobbing around all strange and sh*t haha…everyone around me was laughing like crazy…I think she must have had a wardrobe malfunction or something.  The song sung during the fashion show was sung by Tran Thu Ha.

12] Khanh Ly, Tran Thu Ha – Giot Le Thien Thu: Khanh Ly stood standing while Tran Thu Ha sat on a stool while on the other side, the guy playing the guitar is sitting.  I thought it was a really nice number although it’s not one of my favorites.  While I think Tran Thu Ha has a voice that sets her apart from the others, sometimes I really don’t understand her style…and with Khanh Ly who is sort of an old school type of person, I just didn’t think their voices went together but I guess they were trying to do something unique.  I might pass on this one when the DVD comes out…

13] Bang Kieu, Tuan Ngoc – Lien Khuc Gian Thien Ly Da Xa, Dong Xanh: Okay I absolutely LOVED this medly…I THINK these songs were translated from Simon and Garfunkel?  Not 100% sure but it was around that era of the 70s I believe.  Either way, they were translated songs and these two sang them beautifully...even NNN mentioned the fact that Bang Kieu’s high voice and Tuan Ngoc’s low voice went together very well and it DID!  They sat in stools and were dressed very casually similarly to when they were playing the guitar and singing in PBN 79.

14] Truc Lam, Truc Linh – Xin Cho Anh Yeu: Hmmm…the Truc sisters…where do I begin.  I’m going to be honest and say that when they first came out I really didn’t mind them and I actually enjoyed a lot of their numbers.  Eventually I just thought that they were Thuy Nga’s silly puppets who always danced and did the songs that you really just want to skip…however in this one, I thought they really outdid themselves especially with the dancing.  Truc Linh looks skinnier in the face and with her straightened hair, it made it look even skinnier.  Truc Lam looks stunning and now I’m thinking that their hiatus may be due to the fact that Truc Lam had a baby within the last year or two?  I honestly thought it was because they got kicked out or something…who knows.  Either way, a very nice dance number but Truc Linh’s hair was EVERYWHERE!  At the end, it completely covered her face…at least it did in the night show…at the end, they were interviewed backstage which was cute.

15] Kich: WOW, I thought this was SUPER funny…both Kieu Oanh and Hoai Linh stole the show!  You’ll have to see it for yourself.

16] Shayla, Tu Quyen – Waiting For Your Call: Now how did I know that Shayla was going to sing in English? ;) Once again, as with Thanh Truc I felt awkward because I am so used to associating Shayla with Asia…I mean, that’s where she first started plus her mom is an Asia alum…or still matriculating…or er…you get the point!  Shayla’s dancing was really really good…PBN’s choreographer must have wooped her big time haha…I actually thought her dancing was way better compared with Tu Quyen who often had some weird movements when trying to follow along.  The snippet at the beginning of the song and throughout [Arabian sounding] was VERY similar if not the same as that of Voulez Vous with Da Nhat Yen in Asia 49.  Um…Tu Quyen’s hair…poodle anyone?  I have no idea what was going on, it was like this BIG poofy bang…as if the entire hair on her head was just one big shaggy BANG…not sure what look she was going for but she sported the same bangs in the final number…YUCK!  Afterwards they were interviewed backstage regarding their outfits.

17] Nhu Quynh, Truong Vu – Pho Dem: While Truong Vu is not the best looking ca si in the business, I noticed how his hair is once again trimmed and no split in the middle like before…nice job!  The two sang beautifully together as always but it didn’t really make a last impression on me like their duet in PBN 67 in San Jose…that was is unforgettable!  The song was a tribute to Tam Anh and prior to the song, they had a short video clip of him talking amongst others.

18] Luong Tung Quang, Minh Tuyet – Tinh Du Tram Loi: WOW!!!!!  MY FAVORITE OF THE SHOW!  Luong Tung Quang looking HOT HOT HOT as always and Minh Tuyet with her completely brunette hair combed to one side looked absolutely AMAZING!  All I can remember is that Luong Tung Quang is wearing white pants and Minh Tuyet had a very nicely fitted white dress with red/pink flowers throughout, she looked absolutely STUNNING!  The song was a slow ballad and these two had some MAJOR chemistry on stage…absolutely FLAWLESS!!!!!

19] Roni Tran – Call Me: Prior to the song, they had video images of him being on Finland Idol…or whatever it’s called.  Not sure if he won completely or if he was just a finalist.  They also showed him singing a small snippet of that song that Be Xuan Mai sang in PBN 81…not sure what it’s called.  They also showed his parents talking.  As for the performance itself…Justin Timberlake anyone?  LOVED IT!  His dancing was off the hook, the dancers were really into it, he really had great stage presence.  Not sure if this is a one time thing or if he will continue to appear on PBN being that I think it was mentioned that he had a record deal with Sony.

20] Huong Thuy, Ha Phuong – Em Di Tren Co Non: Hm…not my forte…sometimes I like Huong Thuy, sometimes I’m not so crazy about her and together with Ha Phuong their voices were so piercing so this one will probably be a skip for me on the DVD…however I have to say that their ao dai’s were BEAUTIFUL!  I think Ha Phuong wore a hot pink one with a flower design and Huong Thuy wore a similar one but in lime green…probably the only thing I liked about the performance hehe…afterwards, they were interviewed by Kieu Oanh backstage, it was hilarious!

21] Duong Trieu Vu, Ngoc Lien – Lai Gan Hon Em: Where have I heard this song before?!  I KNOW I have it on CD somewhere…but I absolutely LOVE this song and I thought these two did SO well [*update: Found it on Ho Le Thu’s first PBN CD…LOVE IT!  I know that it’s been done before by someone else though…maybe a different production]…I LOVE Duong Trieu Vu’s voice and his rendition of this song is absolutely amazing.  While I LOVE Ngoc Lien, I would have rather seen Minh Tuyet in this one.  At the end, Duong Trieu Vu kisses Ngoc Lien on the forehead…or was it her cheek?! ;)

22] Luu Bich, Thuy Tien – Magic In The Air: Most of this song was in Vietnamese although the refrain was in English…minimal dancing for these two [which I’m glad since they are not exactly my favorite dancers] but the number was really upbeat, the stage was lively…I can’t remember what they were wearing…maybe a sparkly silvery top or dress?  Either way I loved their super straightened hair and their legs were like WOAH!  I really enjoyed this number and can’t wait to watch it on DVD!

- They introduced another designer at this point.  Her name was Chan Luu and her English was broken yet she couldn’t speak Vietnamese fluently…I guess after being in the US for so long she just forgot it…I thought she was a little arrogant, they mentioned something like she made $2 million a year from her store in New York but when she was interviewed on stage she seemed like a humble woman.

23] Angela Tram Anh, Van Quynh - I Will Survive: Van Quynh had this weird do with her hair…similar to Tu Quyen but not as bad haha.  I think they were both wearing jeans.  I thought they did a great job with the singing, no doubt but wish they did a little more than just stand on stage and move from side to side and do an occasional switching sides from each other.  Either way a good number, but I wish to hear Angela in more songs like we saw her in PBN 82!  No more of these old classic remakes please!

24] Bao Han, Nhu Loan, Thanh Truc, Ho Le Thu, Thuc Linh, Shayla, Minh Tuyet, Loan Chau, Tu Quyen, Truc Lam – Nhung Buoc Chan Am Tham: WOW, amazing dresses, they girls looked beautiful although the choreography could have been upped a notch since we are always seeing the same thing with half coming out first, then the other half, then a combination of them all, then pairings, then swaying from side to side…the choreography is becoming very predictable!  However, loved the song, I remember this song from PBN 29 in Las Vegas with Bao Han, Phi Phi and Jenny Loan…wow, that was YEARS ago!  A great close to a great show although I was hoping for 2 or 3 more songs L

Conclusion/Closing Thoughts: Okay…the stage: WONDERFUL; the lighting: BEAUTIFUL; the performances: UNFORGETTABLE!  This was an amazing experience for myself being that I’ve been watching PBN for as long as I can remember and now I finally got to attend a live taping.  As Ky Duyen mentioned, this was their first time on the East Coast and hopefully not their last!  They need to do a show in Orlando HINT HINT!  I was really impressed with the transition of the show, although at one point, Ky Duyen introduced the song a little too early before everyone was ready.  They’ll probably use the day show for the final cut of the DVD for that part hehe.  One thing that was sad for me was that sitting at the top, I found myself mostly watching the screens.  I thought it was AMAZING how nice they looked, I was picturing the DVD to be just like this.  The image was SO clear…wonder when PBN will adapt HD-DVD or BluRay [that will determine which one I buy!!!!].  I watched the stage for the fast songs but for the slow ones, I sort of sat back and watched it on the screen.  Also, seeing the cameras all over the stage and twirling around the singers was like ‘WOAH’ to me…I guess being used to watching it on DVD, you just don’t think about these things and I’ve always wondered how they got the shots that they do like the 360 degree shots and the angles where the camera goes completely from one side to the other of the stage…so yea…cameras everywhere…but when I saw that and then I looked up at the screen, I was really impressed how in the FINAL CUT of the DVD, you can’t really see any cameras and the final product is the most impressive and gives the audiences almost a better experience on the DVD than live…but you know what I don’t regret attending and spending all the money that I did to get there although after you read what happened during my trip home, you’ll understand why I won’t be making any trips anytime soon ANYWHERE [not just PBN] although for PBN 100 I will make the trip to Paris if I have to…haha we’ll see ;)  THANK YOU THUY NGA ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

- One last thing...I was disappointed in two things...the short song list and also, too many English songs!  Both which are attributes of ASIA!  Did Thanh Truc and Shayla bring along qualities of their old production?? ;)

Trip Home: So my ex and I left on Monday afternoon to head back to Miami…everything goes well until I’m in FL and first thing that happens on the turnpike [which has like 1 gas station every 50 miles] is that I run out of gas…so to call the highway patrol to help me costed $60 for service and two measely gallons of gas.  Then recently I’ve been having radiator leak problems in my car because there is a leak that I’ve been too lazy to get taken care of [mind you that I drive a practically brand new looking, GREAT condition 99 Accord EX].  So about 90 miles from Miami, my car overheats and I’m forced to pull over on the side of the road…we waited for my car to cool down, added more water and forced the car to turn on and just kept going…about 60 miles away, my car overheats again and we try to do the same thing, this time, the car took FOREVER to cool down [by now it was about 3am and I was supposed to make it home around 11pm] but the sad part is that my car never starts….so, 3 hours later, waiting for the tow truck to arrive, and get the paperwork done, and $430 dollars later…I make it home with my broken car and tired as H*LL!  Would I do this again…MAYBE but next time, I’m renting or FLYING!  Alright, time for me to get something to eat and unpack…hope everyone enjoys my rendition of the review! J
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RE: Paris By Night 84: My FIRST Live Experience... - 7/4/2006 1:20:03 PM   


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lol... thanx for the detail review!!! I enjoy reading it a lot

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RE: Paris By Night 84: My FIRST Live Experience... - 7/4/2006 1:33:38 PM   


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Hey, great review, dude. Sux that your car broke down (dang!). Anyway, on Nguyen Hung's song, thanks for confirming what I thought: there were elements from an action movie in the music; I'm guessign James Bond, since it had that twang and plus, NH was looking too gentlemanly to be Mission: Impossible. As for Lai Gan Hon Em, many, many times, this song has been redone. Ngoc Lan is probably the most memorable for me. Asia recently did it too. And I'm trying to remember if he kissed her cheek or forehead too; her reaction was so cute.

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RE: Paris By Night 84: My FIRST Live Experience... - 7/4/2006 1:44:17 PM   

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Thanx for the review.
Gosh i was hoping Tu Quyen
didn't bring her last
concert hair-do to the
stage, but she did.
First time and I guess it not
working for her huh?
Well i guess I have to wait and
see for myself.


  • Tu Quyen
    Tu Quyen, Minh Tuyet, Bao Han, and Nhu Loan

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    RE: Paris By Night 84: My FIRST Live Experience... - 7/4/2006 1:47:47 PM   
    Ai Quoc


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    ORIGINAL: mike_n_ike

    Hey, great review, dude. Sux that your car broke down (dang!). Anyway, on Nguyen Hung's song, thanks for confirming what I thought: there were elements from an action movie in the music; I'm guessign James Bond, since it had that twang and plus, NH was looking too gentlemanly to be Mission: Impossible. As for Lai Gan Hon Em, many, many times, this song has been redone. Ngoc Lan is probably the most memorable for me. Asia recently did it too. And I'm trying to remember if he kissed her cheek or forehead too; her reaction was so cute.

    Oh yea, I remember, now that you mentioned Ngoc Lan, I remember it on Asia with Y Phuong when she did a tribute to her...nice recall ;)

    BTW, your review was SO GOOD!!!!!!!!

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    RE: Paris By Night 84: My FIRST Live Experience... - 7/4/2006 2:14:27 PM   
    Andy Con Ca

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    wow Ai Quoc thansk for the review.i enjoy it so much...glad u haad a good time

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    RE: Paris By Night 84: My FIRST Live Experience... - 7/4/2006 3:11:23 PM   
    The X Factor

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    Thanx for the review Ai Quoc.  You're so lucky to attend a live taping of the show.
    Can't wait til I have my own money to go see one.  Maybe PBN 100 LOL


    (>^.^)> <(^.^<)

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    RE: Paris By Night 84: My FIRST Live Experience... - 7/4/2006 3:20:32 PM   


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    Thanks Ai Quoc.  Again you have never failed to give us your best and honest review.  I found your trip tidbits one of the most intriguing parts of the review.  Thanks goodness you made it home safe.

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    RE: Paris By Night 84: My FIRST Live Experience... - 7/4/2006 3:33:49 PM   


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    glad that u had a great time at the show AiQuoc. great review of the show as always! it is kind of fascinating to read your last part. i guess this experience can be a memorable one of yours to keep for the rest of your life.

    30 hours or so on the road............Jesus! poor boy little boy!

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    RE: Paris By Night 84: My FIRST Live Experience... - 7/4/2006 4:21:00 PM   

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    Thanks Ai Quoc for the review! Glad that you have finally seen a "live" PBN show 

    Great review about Roni´s performance, even I would like to hear more details about that  I am surprised to hear the song "Call Me" had been chosen for the show. It is the opening song in his debut CD, and there are many great songs on the album.

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    RE: Paris By Night 84: My FIRST Live Experience... - 7/4/2006 5:20:46 PM   


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    Thanks for the great review Ai Quoc. I was so happy reading it. Also, I'm sorry about your trip-home. You should have rent a car next time. There's always next time.

    I was disappointed when I heard that Shayla, Thanh truc, and the Truc sisters were going to be in PBN because I always doubt their singing abilities. I don't know if anyone should tell Shayla but she needs to stop singing in English--as well as some of the PBN singers too. There are only a very few Vietnamese singers that can pull it off.

    I'm very happy that there are some pop/techno music in here because the last PBN didn't have much.

    How was the crowd energy? What I noticed is that the California and Toronto's crowd lacks a lot of energy --maybe because they have experienced TN shows too much already. Also, do you still remember who are the dancers???

    ONce again, thank you for the review.

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    RE: Paris By Night 84: My FIRST Live Experience... - 7/4/2006 6:03:12 PM   
    Ai Quoc


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    Thanks fourseasons...the crowd was pretty thing I didn't mention was how awkward I felt because I was thinking about the DVD the ENTIRE time!  So I wasn't really paying attention to the crowd but I mean, from time to time there would be people screaming out for their idols...the only one I can recall is for Minh Tuyet, I'm sure some of the screaming can't be heard on the DVD though but people all around me were being really enthusiastic. don't know the dancers by name but I do know that Buddy and Steve were there...the young guy with the shaved clue what their names are but recognized some regulars!

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    Actually Nhung Buoc Chan Am Tham was previously performed by Bao Han, Phi Phi, and Ngoc Thuy (not the Jenster) but how was the music arrangement for this one? Was it as good as PBN 29's? Thanks for the review, looking foward to this one for sure.


    By twist of fate...we meet.

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    RE: Paris By Night 84: My FIRST Live Experience... - 7/4/2006 8:03:02 PM   


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    Gosh so good reviews... i can't wait for this DVD
    pbn 83 >>> PBN 84!


    Watching PBN since PBN 15 (and watched some previous videos too...)
    » Trish_Fan

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    RE: Paris By Night 84: My FIRST Live Experience... - 7/4/2006 8:25:59 PM   
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    Actually Nhung Buoc Chan Am Tham was previously performed by Bao Han, Phi Phi, and Ngoc Thuy (not the Jenster) but how was the music arrangement for this one? Was it as good as PBN 29's? Thanks for the review, looking foward to this one for sure.

    I don't remember it EXACTLY but I know that it was super good!!!

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    RE: Paris By Night 84: My FIRST Live Experience... - 7/4/2006 8:46:08 PM   
    Nguoi Dep


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    This was the first time I attended a live show taping. It was very exciting, the stage was great and so were the performances. I wished that there were more "original"  and new songs (I Will Survive??). I was looking forward to Luu Bich singing a new song solo, but her performance with Thuy Tien was great anyways. I saw her and Thuy Tien walking out from the Civic Center at around 6:45, I guess they were going back to their hotel because their number was towards the end.  I have a question, were all the songs pre-recorded? I know that sometimes the singers had mics on, but it all sounded the same. Does anyone know??? Oh, and the fashion show, did the models not rehearsed or something, cause they messed up. One girl was walking so funny that everyone in the audience was laughing. I wonder if that will make it to the final cut (hope not). It was disappointing to see that the fashion show lacked professionalism in modeling.

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    RE: Paris By Night 84: My FIRST Live Experience... - 7/4/2006 8:51:57 PM   

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    Thank  you Ai Quoc. Very nice and clear review. Wow!!! sau khi doc xong review cua cac fans di coi ve
    lam db nong long muon xem  ngay do. Bao dam this DVD se la Best seller trong dip Christmas do nghe.

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    RE: Paris By Night 84: My FIRST Live Experience... - 7/5/2006 2:25:08 PM   


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    Wow...hats off to your dedication, AQ, afer all the bad experience with transportation after the show, and still had the energy & will to type up all the show details & reviews for us. Double-thanks for your work! (great thing about attending live show is you got to watch/listen to a lot more in details than the dvd itself, which will edit out a lot of details, most of all, the MCs' spontanous jokes ).

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    RE: Paris By Night 84: My FIRST Live Experience... - 7/5/2006 4:09:12 PM   
    Ai Quoc


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    Yes, I was very reluctant to post my own since A. I went through so much and B. there were already like 3 reviews...but you know what, I didn't go there for nothing and I wanted to try my own shot at finally being able to say that I attended a live taping!

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    RE: Paris By Night 84: My FIRST Live Experience... - 7/5/2006 4:13:12 PM   


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