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NGUOI YEU CUA LINH cua co HOANG OANH & THUY NGA 90 - 11/27/2007 8:18:40 PM   


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01. Mẹ Việt Nam (Phạm Duy), Mẹ Trùng Dương (Phạm Duy), Cô Gái Việt (Hùng Lân) - Khánh Ly, Khánh Hà, Họa Mi, Ý Lan, Hoàng Oanh, Minh Tuyết, Ngọc Liên, Tú Quyên, Thanh Trúc, Như Loan, Bảo Hân, Hồ Lệ Thu, Quỳnh Vi, Hương Giang, Loan Châu, Hương Thủy, Tâm Đoan
After the warmup show and routine, the curtain is raised. The stage is BEAUTIFUL in this program. You will see walls of candles on both sides with shelves on it. On the shelves are a number of lights that looks like candles that flicker. When the screen is used you will see a series of beautiful portraits and paintings to symbolize the Vietnamese women. This will be preceded by about a 3 min video clip detailing the history of the Vietnamese woman. When there was about 30 seconds left in the clip, 12 female dancers make their way on stage and lay on the floor. The lights began to illuminate as the clip ends and a painting of "hoa sen" appeared on the screen. We see 3 ladies come out from stage right and 2 come out from stage left. They're all dressed in blue ao dai. As they approach, we see it is Hoa Mi, Y Lan, Khanh Ly, Hoang Oanh, and Khanh Ha, applause breaks out in the auditorium. The lyrics to the song are so meaningful and perfect for this program. After their portion, applause breaks out again. Then we see 2 people from each side entering, one dressed in yellow, one in red, to symbolize '2 Ba Trung' - the 2 heroines of Vietnamese history. Then the remaining 12 young singers enter, in 3 groups of 4, dressed in matching ao dai, but each a different color to another round of applauses. It is truly beautiful on stage. A rainbow of colors and smiles encircles the stage. Everyone was simply in awe of the colors, the smiles, and the meaningful opening to Paris By Night 90.

***Congressman Loretta Sanchez (CA) is introduced on stage on Sunday for a brief speech***

02. Nước Non Ngàn Dặm Ra Đi (Phạm Duy) - Quang Lê, Mai Thiên Vân
Welcome Mai Thien Van to Paris By Night! She dressed in a pink ao dai and Quang Le in a maroon ao dai. The vocals of this pair are phenomenal. It’s so calming and uplifting. The lyrics and melody to this song is almost therapeutic. The images on the screen show scenes of ancient Vietnam with its temples and castles because this song has brief references to Huyen Chan Cong Chua. Although it was her first time on Thuy Nga, she exerted grace and confidence and her voice is able to entrance you. This was a very suiting and elegant duet from Quang Le and Mai Thien Van.

03. Chị Tôi (Trần Tiến) - Bằng Kiều
Bang Kieu is the narrator in the story. Bamboo walls are brought down. This was performed by Don Ho in PBN 56. Bang Kieu’s vocals truly shine in this performance (as it does in all his songs). He’s dressed in an all-white suit. The setup on the stage and the acting by the 14 members of the Lac Hong group allow the music to come alive. This song is of course about the sacrifice of a sister for her siblings. She sacrifices a chance of true happiness to tend for her family, a metaphor for the resiliency and sensitivity of the Vietnamese woman

04. Cô Hàng Nước (Vũ Minh) - Trần Thái Hòa
This was a very fun and endearing performance. We’re so used to Tran Thai Hoa’s greatness in slow love ballads, that when we see him act and move around on stage, it’s a pleasant surprise. He starts off the song holding a guitar sitting on a bench in the coffee shop. This is a very well known and classic story. An old-fashioned love story if you will. A patron at a coffee shop falls in love with the waitress. The premise is so cute and the scenery and acting just enhances this feeling. Tran Thai Hoa is very handsome in an orange shirt and blank pants. The scene is of course in a coffee shop. This song has a lot of tempo changes (similarly to Ao Anh Sut Chi Duong Ta) and the lighting and actions on stage coordinate well with the tempo of the music. The extras do a great job acting out their respective parts. I’m sure this song will bring a smile to your face when you watch it.

*** After this performance, the 10 winners of Thuy Nga’s essay contest were acknowledged. They all sat in a group and waved to the camera when Ky Duyen announced their presence. The theme of the contest was “Celebrating Vietnamese Heritage.” How befitting is it that these young men and women were honored in this meaningful program. ***

05. Thân Phận (Lê Mộng Bảo) / Được Tin Em Lấy Chồng (Châu Kỳ) - Quỳnh Dung / Mai Quốc Huy
It is very nice to see Quynh Dung back on the PBN stage for a second time. She’s dressed in a purple/white ao dai and the song describes the of having to leave someone you love to marry someone else. Quynh Dung has a very uniqueness to it and allows her phrasing to swell with emotions. A moon is lowered on stage. Between the transition of Quynh Dung and Mai Quoc Huy, they briefly exchange a few lines of dialogue before she walks in. They bring the moon up to reveal a silver screen in the background. Mai Quoc Huy is dressed in a black suit with purple shirt inside. This is his 3rd stage show with PBN and he has truly solidified himself as a consistent singer in this genre of music.

06. Ru Con Tình Củ (Đinh Trầm Ca) - Khánh Hà
Khanh Ha is elegantly dressed in a rich red silk ao dai with black pants. The band is on stage with her. She’s been around all these years because of her inspired vocals. Again, she delivers a heart wrenching song. You can tell she gives her whole soul into the performance.

Ba năm qua em trở thành thiếu phụ
Ngồi ru con như cơn tình buồn
Xin một đời hối tiếc thương nhau
Xin một đời ngủ yên dĩ vãng

Again she sings of the undenied love of a mother for her children. And no matter what, a mother is always there for her children. This is perhaps one of the most profound and inspired attitudes of the Vietnamese woman, and this song, and this performance capture that spirit.

07. Thiếu Phụ Nam Xương - Mạnh Qùynh, Hương Thủy, bé Hoài Phúc
A very different twist on the vong co numbers we’re used to. Rather than just a song, a whole story and set up are introduced. All the elements of a tragic opera are present in this story: love, courage, jealously, and death. We all know the great talents of Manh Quynh and Huong Thuy, but I must acknowledge be Hoai Phuc for his charm and wits on stage. He’s a natural. He plays the 3-4 year old child of Manh Quynh and Huong Thuy. This is a very classic Vietnamese folk tale that was re-created into this vong co set up. I was greatly impressed with the uses of special effects with the shadows and the costume changes utilized in this number.

08. Thoi Tơ / Bến Nước Tình Quê - Loan Châu / Thanh Trúc
One of the most visually stunning and artful performances of the program. Gold banners are lowered onto the stage. Both Loan Chau and Thanh Truc and in a yellow/tan ao dai with floral embellishments on the front. Both of these songs describe the woman and fabrics and sewing. One the images that comes to mind when you mention the classic Vietnamese woman. The image of a woman sewing by candlelight in one that is so elegant, charming, yet a very sad image. The intertwining of fabrics creates such a beautiful scene on stage. Both Loan Chau and Thanh Truc look stunning and truly representative of a Vietnamese woman. They are surrounded by 10 female dancers in an ao dai color similar to that of Thanh Truc and Loan Chau’s.

09. Thương Đời Hoa (Lê Dinh) - Hồ Lệ Thu
Ho Le Thu is beautiful in a black/white ao dai. The setup on stage is very simple: Ho Le Thu, the silver curtain, and band. She’s so elegant when she wears ao dai. She really has the figure to showcase an ao dai. This song allows us to really relish upon Ho Le Thu’s great vocals in this Tango song. I think we sometimes forgot how great of a voice Ho Le Thu has. Sit back and allow her voice to take you on a journey.

***Ho Le Thu thanks her mother for always supporting her so that she is where she is today. She also gives a special thanks to MARIE TO for her dedication to bring and sustain Vietnamese music and culture and for bringing Paris By Night to everyone across the world***

10. Cô Thắm Về Làng (Giao Tiên) - Thế Sơn, Trịnh Lam, Tiến Dũng
This is yet another very fun performance of a classic and well-known song by Giao Tien. The bamboo frames containing art is again lowered onto the stage. The 3 guys wear different colored dress shirts as they are surrounded by 5 couples from the Lac Hong group. What I love so much about this program is how they bring all these songs with story elements to life. It truly is a theatrical production. Again, you will find yourself smiling as you watch the fun, energetic, and charming performance.

11. Em Ghen (Trịnh Lam) - Bảo Hân, Tú Quyên, Như Loan
HOT! HOT! HOT! All 3 ladies and the dancers (2 females, 5 males) are in black and white. This new song by Trinh Lam is great! It really shows off his versatility as a composer. We all know how much chemistry these 3 have. They definitely light up the stage. As they have fun on stage, they exert that energy into the audience. Everyone is smiling brightly and the tune is very catchy.

12. Người Yêu Của Lính (Trần Thiện Thanh) Hoàng Oanh
One of Tran Thien Thanh’s most popular songs and a perfect addition to this program as the song talks about the women of the war. The women who are at home supporting the men away from home fighting for a better tomorrow. Hoang Oanh starts off by speaking the words, “nếu em không là…” Then a man’s voice concludes the phrase with “người yêu của lính” to represent the voice of the thousands of men who gave up everything to fight for the war. A relatively subtle introduction, yet so poignant in its own right. She then sings the line just spoken, “nếu em không là người yêu của lính…” to a round of applause from the audience. She’s eloquently dressed in a simple purple ao dai. The images on the screen show visions of wives and the husband soldiers. As I looked around the audience, I could see the proud faces of the men who lived through this time. I’m sure many of you already know this song; I love the simplicity of the melody and the lyrics. Although it was written during a time of war, it carries with it a message of support and undying hope. It paints a very different aspect of war time.

13. Tưởng Như Còn Người Yêu (Phạm Duy, thơ: Lê Thị Ý) Ý Lan
A lot has been written about this song in the past few days. Right after Hoang Oanh’s number, it transitions immediately into this song by the haunting sound of the trumpet. We see on stage a group of 16 young ladies all dressed in black and white mourning bands over their foreheads. It still gives me jitters to think about this song. For me, it is one of the most touching songs ever to be performed on stage. The emotions exerted by Y Lan and the members of Lac Hong group was astounding. You could see the pain the sorrow in their faces, you could see the tears in their eyes. As I myself was uncontrollably crying during this performance, I looked around the auditorium. You could hear sniffling and seeing people wiping the tears from their eyes. Some people just had their faces buried in their hands. I have typed out the last lines of this masterpiece below. For a moment, imagine a woman who’s received news that her husband has died in the war. She’s waiting at the Air Base as the plane carrying her husband’s body is being transported down the ramp. She can only see her husband’s draped coffin with the Vietnamese flag. She’s holding on to the coffin as if she’s still holding on to her husband’s body.

Em không nhìn được xác chàng
Anh lên lon giữa hai hàng nến trong
Mùi hương cứ tưởng hơi chàng
Ôm mồ cứ tưởng ôm vòng người yêu

As Y Lan sings this last line, she is kneeling at the front of the stage and the group of girls is standing behind her. Slowly the girls unravel the proud Vietnamese flag down so it becomes Y Lan’s backdrop. In the midst of tears and emotions the audience cheers and yells. The image of a widow dressed in black is such a poignant and touching image. It truly is one of the highlights of the evening. As many of you already have heard, at the Sunday taping, after this performance, a woman on the third balcony befell with such emotions, she became hysterical and cried out loudly. I’m sure that the image on stage was all too familiar for her, and the reenactment on stage brought back a flood of emotions and memories for her.

14. Mười Thương (Phạm Đình Chương) Tâm Đoan
Well after the previous performance, we definitely needed something to lighten up the mood. Tam Doan and all the dancers and in ao dai. Tam Doan is in a turquoise blue and orange ao dai. Everything has attachments of fabrics to both arms. So as they moved their arms, it created a sea of fabrics in the air. The chiffon swags are also lowered down. The song and lyrics of the song are so sweet and adoring. Her voice is so sweet and alluring as she describes the 10 reasons to love a Vietnamese girl. How appropriate is it that there are also 10 female dancers on stage. One of the great subtleties and details that Paris by Night always thinks of. In the background, they have images from the beautiful ‘Ao Trang’ calendar series. This is a very calming performance to symbolize the sweetness and the gentleness of the Vietnamese woman, and Tam Doan certainly fits into that category.

15. Kịch ‘Chồng Chúa Vợ Tôi’ - Kiều Oanh, Lê Tín, Ngọc Đan Thanh, Kiều Linh

16. Bốn Mắt Anh Yêu (Thế Hiển) / Cô Bắc Kỳ Nho Nhỏ (Phạm Duy, thơ: Nguyễn Tắt Nhiên) - Lương Tùng Quang / Dương Triệu Vũ
Another very fun and energetic performance. The scene is that of a school yard DTV and LTQ are male students among a sea of students (10 females, 6 males) all dressed in school attire. LTQ starts out first. Both are similarly dressed: white shirt, black pants, and black monkey vest. They look like they’re having so much fun on stage. Everyone’s eyes are glistening and smiles are wide and cheerful. The first song of course talks about a girl with glasses, hence ‘4 mat.’ DTV then sings his number. Again it’s very upbeat and the lyrics and staging make you feel like it’s recess time. LTQ comes back during the end, and we see the usage of umbrellas as props. The dances are fun and it will definitely put a smile on your face.

17. Gánh Hàng Rong (Lê Quốc Dũng) - Minh Tuyết
Yet another very touching performance from Minh Tuyet. The song talks about a mother and daughter who have to make a living by selling food along the sidewalks. Minh Tuyet is dressed in a simple lilac colored ao dai. Again the lyrics of the song are so touching and moving. During these songs, I try to place myself in the shoes of the person in the story. It’s hard for us to imagine selling food on the streets just to be able to survive and sustain life. For me, the sign of a good story teller is one who is able to remove the audience from their current state of being and transport them to another world. Minh Tuyet successfully accomplishes this task through the emotions in the voice and the tears in her eyes. The screen in the background will show a mother and daughter reenacting the story. The older mother in the clip is actually Minh Tuyet’s mom. Again, you can see the audience wiping tears from their eyes. During Sunday’s performance, Ky Duyen interviews Minh Tuyet. In the interview, Minh Tuyet acknowledges that the clip is loosely based on her own childhood. It was hard for her to express all her emotions as both she and Ky Duyen were crying. She expressed how grateful she is of her mother as how she realizes how much she had to sacrifice for her and her sisters. She expressed that they had a very rough and poor childhood as she retold the story of how she and her mother both loved to eat sau rieng, but could not ever afford to buy it. But she did recall one time, how her mom bought her one slice of the sau rieng and they both shared it. It’s stories like that that make me realize how lucky we are and how we take for granted life and especially how we sometimes forsake our own parents who have given so much for us.

18. Giọt Nước Mắt Ngà (Ngô Thụy Miên) / Trả Lại Anh (Đức Quỳnh) - Ngọc Liên / Hương Giang
Ngoc Lien is dressed in a light lime green ao dai. The images in the background are beautiful and very classy images of both Ngoc Lien and Huong Giang taken by Huy Khiem. Similar to those pics of Huong Giang and Huong Thuy used on the advertisement poster. Ngoc Lien pours out her soul in one of Ngo Thuy Mien’s classic love ballads. Huong Giang again displays her soothing voice in Duc Quynh’s ‘Tra Lai Em’ dressed in a pink ao dai. Both of these slow love ballads put us in a very calm place. Both these songs in this program represent the delicacy of love as a metaphor for the delicacy of the Vietnamese woman. It also represents the elegance and grace of the Vietnamese woman.

19. Nhạc Kịch: Bà Mẹ Quê (Phạm Duy), Lòng Mẹ Việt Nam (Lê Thương), Lời Dặn Dò Của Mẹ (Nhật Ngân) Khánh Ly, Thế Sơn, Quang Lê, Tâm Đoan, Hương Thủy, Thanh Trúc
1) Ba Me Que – this is performed by Tam Doan, Huong Thuy, and Thanh Truc. Imagine a village full of happy people enjoying the simplicity of life. Enjoying the sunsets and the laughter of children. A bamboo hut is erected on the left side of the stage. Everyone is dressed in ao ba ba. As many of you know, several weeks ago, Thuy Nga did a search for a ‘young Khanh Ly’ She makes her appearance in this first segment of this number as a mom caring for her young children. The image on stage is very peaceful and relaxing. At the end of this segment, an errie sound fills the room and the stage becomes red. War has begun. You can see the frightened look on everyone’s face. The peaceful times just represented are no more. Young Khanh Ly takes her young child in the hut.

2) Long Me Viet Nam – at this point Quang Le enters from the right side of the stage in black pants and a cream colored dress shirt. His singing provides the narration for this segment of the song. And I have to say, that Quang Le is one of my favorite male vocalists. He blew me away with his vocals in this song. There’s so much emotions and sadness in his voice as he retells the story of a mom and her son. This is when the tears will start to fall. As Quang Le begins his singing we see Khanh Ly and The Son emerging from the hut. Khanh Ly has her hair in a bun and The Son is in his soldiers outfit. These are the farewell moments of a mother and son. She gives him some water and gives him many hugs before he exits the stage. I’m tearing up right now just envisioning the scene. Pham Duy once said that one of Le Thuong’s greatest talents was his ability to tell stories through his music. That statement is clearly evident in this song. You can see the anguish in everyone’s face. The other mothers are supporting Khanh Ly as time passes by and yet no news of her son. I have the lyrics to this song below. Please read it and envision the scene that is set up on stage:

Bà tư bán hàng có bốn người con
Thằng hai đã lớn ba em hãy còn
Học theo các trường nay đã thành khôn
Năm độc lập kia trong nước Việt Nam
Mấy con của bà đều lên lối đường
Ðầu quân chiến trường theo chí người dân
Ðem thân lên đường xông pha chiến trường
Ðành lòng bỏ xa gia đình từ đó
Kiếp sống tung hoành quên thân xác mình
Hằng mong ước thành công lớn về sau
Mưu sự tại nhân thành sự tại thiên
Suốt ba năm liền bà tư mẫu hiền
Ngày đêm khấn nguyện cho mấy người con

Bà tư nóng lòng đêm nhớ đàn con
Gần đây vài tháng có nghe tiếng đồn
Người con lớn bà đang sống ngoài xa
Nhân cuộc hành binh Kháng chiến vừa qua
Ðứa con của bà chẳng may mắc nạn
Ngày nay đã nằm trên chiến địa xa
Ðem hung tin về người kia lỗi thề
Vì người con trai ước rằng khi chết
Chớ nói cho bà tin anh vĩnh biệt
Kẻo đem nói thiệt thân mẫu tủi thương
Anh để một thư nhờ người gửi đưa
Chiếc thư mong chờ ngày sau nước độc lập
Con sẽ gặp mẹ đứng chờ con

Bà tư thắp đèn cầu khấn người con
Bà xin cho mấy đứa em hãy còn
Ở trong núi rừng anh dẫn về cho
Xong một ngày kia ba lá tình thư
Nói con bây giờ đường xa cách trở
Vậy xin kính thờ đôi chữ bình an
Thương con bao tình đêm ba tấm hình
Bà thề nguyện dâng con mình cho nước
Thân con lưu lạc mẹ xin phó mặc
Ðời con muốn đặt tổ quốc ở trên
Thư rằng mẹ xin thành mẹ Việt Nam
Có con sa trường chỉ mong ước rằng
Ngày sau nước còn công ấy nhờ con

3) Loi Dan Do Cua Me – the hut and the scene used in the previous 2 segments are now gone. We see a desolate stage. From the right side of the stage we see a group of men dressed in gray jump suits. This is of course The Son in the prisoner camp. 3 barbed wired fences are rolled out on stage. As they are walking down, everyone is cold and shivering to paint the portrait of how badly they were mistreated. From the behind the bars of prison, The Son pours out his heart and soul and tears. This is The Son’s forte. No one else in this business right now can pull off the acting and emotions that he exhibits in these performances. As he sings, we see a group of ladies walking towards them. Among them is Khanh Ly. She rushes to her son and places her hand on his face. You can feel the anguish in her singing. Her son is being tortured and behind bars and there is nothing she can do. A mother spends her life protecting her children and now there is nothing she can do. My grandpa spent 10 years in these prisoner camps and my grandma would tell stories of her hard journeys to visit him. This reminded me so much of her stories. With only a few minutes together, she must now make the long and hard journey back home. A mountain is erected on stage. As the group of ladies climbs the mountain, Khanh Ly speaks as to how much she loves her son but the journey has taken too much of a toll on her health and she cannot continue. She dies at the top of the mountain. Silence fills the auditorium. The last scene is again back at the prisoner camp as The Son anxiously looks for his mom. Sadly he is given a box which contains the ashes of his mother. Tears are rushing out of his eyes as well as everyone’s in the audience now. He clutches the box. The last line of the song, and perhaps a quote for children everywhere to learn: “Dù gì dẫu gì, con của Mẹ phải sống hiên ngang”

20. Một Mình (Thanh Tùng) Trần Thu Hà
The band and a piano are now set up on stage along with the moon from earlier. Tran Thu Ha is in a forest green short dress. There’s not much I can say. We all know the range and power of Tran Thu Ha’s voice. Many people have sung this song, but Tran Thu Ha added her own touches and truly elevated this song to a new level. This song tells the story of how lonely a man becomes after he loses his loved one. The song is a reflection of sorts for the loneliness felt after one loses a female companion.

21. Ai Xuôi Vạn Lý – Hòn Vọng Phu 2 (Lê Thương) Họa Mi
One of my favorite songs of all time. The first time I heard this song was in Ai Van’s very first CD “Ngay Ay Xa Nhau.” I’ve loved the song ever since. And the song is very appropriate for tonight’s theme as it tells the story of one of the bravest and patient women of Vietnamese literary history. It also in hand represents the attitudes of Vietnamese women. Always sacrificing herself for her husband and children. This is of course the 2nd song in the Hon Vong Phu trilogy written by Le Thuong. The last time Thuy Nga taped at this venue was on January 21, 2006 for Paris By Night 81. That program was elaborately opened with Hon Vong Phu 1 performed by The Son. Hoa Mi beautifully delivers this classic song in a white/purple ao dai. This song was written in 1946 and hearing back again today, we still cannot deny the greatness of it. From melody to lyrics, the song moves you. Hoa Mi’s enthralling vocals draws you into the story and the tears in her eyes allow your emotions to be hypnotized. At the end, Hoa Mi thanks Trung Tam Thuy Nga for the opportunity to stand on stage again after many years away.

22. Mẹ Yêu (Lời Việt: Nguyễn Ngọc Thiện) Trịnh Lam, Lưu Bích
The melody is this song is ‘Con Yeu’ now with new lyrics written by Nguyen Ngoc Thien. I would have never pictured these 2 together, but they have great chemistry and their vocals are great together. A hexagon with an art image of a woman is lowered onto the stage. The band is again brought out and Trinh Lam is also playing an electric guitar. Luu Bich is ever so elegant in a long silk brown dress. They bring great energy to the stage and the new lyrics are very meaningful and touching.

23. Tiển Bước Sang Ngang (Hoàng Trọng) Nguyễn Hưng
A very artful performance by Nguyen Hung and a lone female dancer. The silver chains and gold banners are brought on stage once more. This is one of Hoang Trong’s most well-known songs, again describing a girl who doesn’t marry the one she loves. This situation is very prevalent in Vietnamese society, especially in older days. This was of course due to either parental or financial pressures that a girl was not able to follow her heart and her dreams. Again, this speaks of the love and the sacrifice a woman has for her family.

Biết đến bao giờ
Gặp lại người em tuổi ấu thơ
Ðến đón tin mừng
Từ ngày thuyền xuân về bến mơ
Thì phút giờ đây
Gặp mùa áo cưới ngàn hoa
Quà nghèo chỉ có bài ca
Tặng nàng trước khi lìa xa

24. Trăng Sáng Vườn Chè (Văn Phụng, thơ: Nguyễn Bính) Quỳnh Vi
What a great song to end this meaningful program. Back in 1993, this was Ai Van’s performed this number on Paris by Night 24 – 10th Anniversary. That was her very first taping in the United States. During that performance, many of you will remember that Chi Tai was her acting partner. Tonight, one of PBN’s quickly rising stars gives her rendition. The song is a little faster and the rhythm is more syncopated. Quynh Vi is dressed in traditional ao tu than along with dancers and members from Lac Hong group. The bamboo wall and gold banners again grace the stage. It’s a very fun performance with cute choreography. Quynh Vi is so natural on stage. Her smile is addictive. The costumes for the dancers are very elaborate. This was truly an eloquent ending to a spectacular show.

***As I said before, this program showcased several Vietnamese woman who have excelled in their fields of study or people who have made a difference to society through their humanitarian work. At the end here Thuy Nga, the singers, sponsors give a collective nearly $35,000 to 4 individuals to help them with their efforts***

I have to say that this program was amazing. I was lucky enough to attend both tapings and was able to relive these performances more than once. I’ve said this before, but certain programs just simply have pure entertainment values. While other programs allow one to reflect, think, and contemplate. PBN 90 is one of those programs. You are just in awe right from the moment you walk into the theater. The staging with the flickering candles, a huge Chua Thien Mu erected on the left side of the stage, the beautiful paintings, pictures, and scenery throughout the program. For 5 hours, you were able to escape reality. You were able to travel to times of war, experience love, contemplate loss, and engage in memories. I’ve never shed so many tears through a program. Although this was a very heavy program, it did live up to its billing of acknowledging and honoring the Vietnamese woman. We sometimes forget how much our mothers, sisters, wives, and girlfriends do for us. We forget the strength of the thousands of woman who had to take care of their families while their husbands were at war. We forget that a mother would give up ANYTHING for her children. And we forget to thank the women in our lives. We’ve all taken them for granted at some point in our lives. If anything, this program should remind us of how important the Vietnamese women in our lives are. And I must say that while PBN 89 in Korea was a new idea and full of excitement and energy, programs such as PBN 90 is what Thuy Nga truly is. This is what they are known for and this is what has made them successful for all these years. Everyone who attended these 2 tapings left with a new perspective on life. In some ways, for some greater than others, a certain part of them was changed for the better. Thank you to Thuy Nga and to all involved for bringing us such a meaningful, touching, emotional, and spectacular program.
Thay Thuy nga quang cao cuon DVD THUY NGA 90 " CHAN DUNG NGUOI PHU NU VIET NAM " Minh rat vui vi da bao ngay cho doi. Thang 12 cung la dip mua qua de goi cho gia dinh, ban be. Trong cuon nay minh thay co HOANG OANH hat nhac pham " NGUOI YEU CUA LINH" minh rat thich, vi Ba minh cung la linh, nen co le ong gia se rat thich bai nay. Minh thay trong cuon nay nguoi viet co viet la co Hoang Oanh hat 1 bai hop ca, va 1 bai don ca, nghe noi co ay mac ao dai tim chac de thuong lam. Minh cung non nao khong khac gi gia dinh. Thay bai viet nay hay, nhung bang tieng Anh, ban nao chua doc thi vo doc cho vui, con ban nao da doc roi thi ... doc tiep. Cam on Thuy Nga da cho nhung fans cua Thuy Nga nghe nhung nhac pham co gia tri. Mot lan nua minh nghi rang cuon DVD nay se la mon qua ung y cua nhung nguoi yeu men co Hoang Oanh noi rieng, va nhung nguoi thuong men Thuy Nga noi chung. Chuc cac ban luon vui ve trong cuoc song nha!
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RE: NGUOI YEU CUA LINH cua co HOANG OANH & THUY NGA 90 - 11/27/2007 9:26:28 PM   


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co ban nao co loi bang tieng Viet khong? co thi dang len cho nhung nguoi khong biet tieng Anh hieu them.

(in reply to phihai)
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RE: NGUOI YEU CUA LINH cua co HOANG OANH & THUY NGA 90 - 11/27/2007 9:28:07 PM   


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Minh yeu thich co Hoang Oanh, nhung chua bao gio duoc gap mat, uoc gi minh o Cali de duoc coi nhieu dem van nghe hon.

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RE: NGUOI YEU CUA LINH cua co HOANG OANH & THUY NGA 90 - 12/2/2007 10:54:40 AM   


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Da lau moi co dip ghe vao day. Rat vui khi biet co Hoang Oanh hat lai bai NGUOI YEU CUA LINH. Dao truoc cung tren forum TN, chung ta da nghe noi ngay xua nhac si Tran Thien Thanh viet  bai nay rieng cho co Hoang Oanh . Voi su yeu cau cua nhac si TTT, co Hoang Oanh la nguoi dau tien hat va thau dia nhac pham nay. Rat dac biet cac ban a. Neu co ban nao biet ve " thien tinh su" nay xin ke cho moi nguoi nghe.

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RE: NGUOI YEU CUA LINH cua co HOANG OANH & THUY NGA 90 - 12/2/2007 11:41:04 PM   

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neu cac ban co coi cuon ASIA 50 ve nhac si Tran Thien Thanh va cac ban cung biet la ca si Thanh Tuyen gioi thieu nhac pham Chuyen Di Ve Sang va co bat mi la nhac si Tran Thien Thanh co yeu mot nguoi ca si va trong dem do , nguoi nu ca si do co xuat hien , neu ca si Hoang Oanh la nguoi mau muc ve tac phong dao duc vi co quen nguoi hon phu tu luc hoc cap ba den mai sau nay khi ra hai ngoai thi nhac si Tran Thien Thanh da "yeu don phuong" tinh yeu giua hai nguoi va co phai nhac si Tran Thien Thanh da "yeu" Nguoi Yeu Cua Linh hay khong thi day con la secret , nhac si Tran Thien Thanh da mat va chung ta cung khong nen nhac lai nhieu ve nhung cuoc tinh cua ong vi chi khoi lai nhung cai "xau" cua mot nguoi nhac si thoi
con viec co HOANG OANH trinh bay nhac pham NGUOI YEU CUA LINH da lam cho fan ham mo khap noi luon nong long cho doi vi mot tieng hat qua hay da dua chung ta mot lan nua vuot xa thanh am cua tinh yeu de buoc vao tinh linh chien voi chat giong muot ma ro rang am cung , chung ta hay nghe that ki luong tieng ca oanh vang nay
va de chat luong am thanh duoc tot minh se mua dia goc cua thuy nga parisbynight tu bay gio neu co co Hoang Oanh ca hehehe


Nếu ai có hỏi bao giờ chúng mình đẹp đôi
Em ơi đừng tủi đừng buồn canh vắng đơn côi
Nếu ai có hỏi ngay nao ngày vui duyên nợ
Mùa nao mùa vui pháo đỏ
Em đừng buồn nhé em ơi

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RE: NGUOI YEU CUA LINH cua co HOANG OANH & THUY NGA 90 - 12/3/2007 8:38:11 AM   


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Nhac si TTT da qua doi. Nhung rung dong tu trai tim cua ong da lam nen nhung tac pham bat hu. Dieu nay co the ghi vao lich su am nhac VN de moi nguoi hieu duoc trong hoan canh nao, trong truong hop nao khien nguoi nghe si xuc cam thanh nhung nhac pham de doi. Day cung khong han la cai "xau". Nhac si TTT cung khong giau diem khi ong ghi ten tac gia ban NGUOI YEU CUA LINH la Anh Chuong va CH. Anh Chuong la ten con trai ong, CH la 2 chu dau cua "CHI" la ten that cua co Hoang Oanh.

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RE: NGUOI YEU CUA LINH cua co HOANG OANH & THUY NGA 90 - 12/3/2007 10:46:15 PM   


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Ủa Người yêu của lính là T.T.Thanh sáng tác dành riêng cho cô Hoàng oanh hả , sau trong một số bài viết mình nghe nói Người yêu của lính là Ngọc Minh mà . Nếu người ca sĩ mà T.T.Thanh yêu thầm xuất hiện trong asia 50 thì chỉ có thể là Thanh thúy, hoàng oanh, thanh tuyền,trúc mai, thanh lan.. thôi, mà có chắc là cô Hoàng oanh không

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RE: NGUOI YEU CUA LINH cua co HOANG OANH & THUY NGA 90 - 12/4/2007 5:59:57 PM   

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Christophe không muốn làm các fan của cô Hoàng Oanh ở VN thất vọng, nhưng thật tình phải nói ra để các bạn chuẩn bị tâm lý trước, rằng tiết mục của cô Hoàng Oanh trong PBN 90 chắc là sẽ không lọt về đến VN. PBN 90 kỳ này sẽ có ít nhất là 3 tiết mục bị cắt bỏ ở VN: Người yêu của lính (Hoàng Oanh), Tưởng như còn người yêu (Ý Lan), và vở nhạc kịch của Khánh Ly + Thế Sơn. Trong suốt bài hát của cô Hoàng Oanh màn hình phía sau đã chiếu lại những hình ảnh nhập ngũ và tập trận của các chiến sĩ Việt Nam Cộng Hòa ngày trước, và lá cờ vàng 3 sọc đỏ được quay nhiều lần. Cô Hoàng Oanh trình diễn bài hát này thật là tuyệt vời, rất là êm ái và tha thiết.

Vì vậy các fan của cô Hoàng Oanh tại VN chớ nên hấp tấp đi mua ngay PBN 90, mà trước khi mua nên hỏi người bán thật kỹ là họ có cắt bỏ tiết mục của cô Hoàng Oanh hay không.

Christophe được hân hạnh lần đầu tiên gặp và trò chuyện cùng cô Hoàng Oanh thật là nhiều trong dịp đi xem PBN 90 thu hình tháng 9 vừa qua. Cô nói chuyện rất là hiền, và vui vẻ lắm.

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RE: NGUOI YEU CUA LINH cua co HOANG OANH & THUY NGA 90 - 12/21/2007 10:44:35 PM   


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Co mot dieu la minh muon nghe co Hoang Oanh noi them ve nhung ngay co song tai Sai Gon va nhung nam co lam ca si trong thoi linh chien, nhung co Hoang Oanh it noi qua ma them vao do trung tam Thuy Nga lai tao co hoi cho co thua chuyen voi quy vi khan gia chi co mot hai lan nen hau nhu khong ai biet ca

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RE: NGUOI YEU CUA LINH cua co HOANG OANH & THUY NGA 90 - 12/22/2007 8:53:09 PM   


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hinh nhu bai nay NGUOI YEU CUA LINH cung la bai ruot cua co ay truoc 1975 phai khong?

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RE: NGUOI YEU CUA LINH cua co HOANG OANH & THUY NGA 90 - 12/31/2007 3:02:12 AM   


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Dung vay, co Hoang Oanh kin dao qua, nhung cung vi vay ma nguoi ta kinh trong co hon. Nguoi yeu cua linh co dien ta qua xuat sac,giong co that la trong, co lam toat len hon cua bai hat, that khong giong nhu nhung ca si khac ma minh da nghe.

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RE: NGUOI YEU CUA LINH cua co HOANG OANH & THUY NGA 90 - 1/3/2008 10:22:12 AM   
Hoa Hong Nhung

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TN 90 minh thay cai' tiec muc Nguoi yeu of Linh nay Ok nhat!!!!TN 90 minh chi coi bai nay`!!co Hoang Oanh hat' y hoi con tre!!co HO giu giong hay that!!!


Xuan Den Xuan Di Roi Xuan Lai Den
Hoa No Hoa Tan Roi Hoa Lai No

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RE: NGUOI YEU CUA LINH cua co HOANG OANH & THUY NGA 90 - 1/3/2008 10:27:43 AM   
Hoa Hong Nhung

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ORIGINAL: anhthoa

hinh nhu bai nay NGUOI YEU CUA LINH cung la bai ruot cua co ay truoc 1975 phai khong?
cha` bai` nay co' pre 75 nua ha you??nam trong cai' CD nao` vay??noi cho minh nghe voi! 

< Message edited by Hoa Hong Nhung -- 1/3/2008 10:37:36 AM >


Xuan Den Xuan Di Roi Xuan Lai Den
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RE: NGUOI YEU CUA LINH cua co HOANG OANH & THUY NGA 90 - 1/3/2008 3:08:07 PM   

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Hey is it Tuấn Anh saying người yêu của lính after cô Hoàng Oanh sang Nếu am là?


"Những thiên thần trong bóng tối
mang ánh sáng vào nơi tối tâm
mang tình yêu xóa tan hận thù.
Mang tự do công bình nhân ái
cho Viện Nam ngày mai tươi sáng" (Trúc Hồ)

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